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Photographs are so special. They are a window to the past; to weddings and babies, old friends and bad hairdos, from the good old days to your most recent vacation. Don’t risk the heartache of losing these precious memories.

Share My Photographs is a very unique, personalized service that specializes in organizing and preserving your photographs, forever. And, we never ask you to ship anything away.

Click on the video to understand more about our process. We take the hassle out of saving your family history.

For all the DIY people out there

Do you prefer to have a complete hands on approach and want to organize and digitize your own photographs?
However, does the thought of scanning all those photos and the time involved put you off?
Share My Photographs is here to help!
Vancouver and Canada’s share My Photographs is dedicated to helping our nation preserve their family legacies so many future generations can enjoy. For the person who wants to scan their own images we also rent our commercial equipment for home use.
A consume grade photo scanner would take up to 10 weeks work to scan around 3,000 images.
Our rental scanners are extremely easy to use whilst producing high quality scans and we have devised a simple to operate system that includes absolutely everything required, including full instructions, so you can get started straight away.
Our scanners can scan 50 images every minute. Those 3,000 photographs can now be scanned in just a few hours instead of many weeks of work. This is a small investment for the time gained. You can trust Share My Photographs scanner rental service to get your job done in no time
We hand deliver and collect scanning equipment within greater Vancouver and have secure delivery options for the rest of Canada. Contact us now to find how we can help.

Does the fear of losing your family’s photos every keep you up at night?

Many of us worry about how to preserve our photos and protect them for future generations, but it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start.

We don’t ask you to hand over your precious photos. One of our fully trained, bonded and insured technicians will come right to your home or office with all the necessary equipment. We’ll help you organize, digitize and archive your memories for future generations to enjoy.

Sadly, each year millions of photographs are lost forever due to natural disasters like fires or floods, improper storage, hardware crashes, or just the effects of time. Don’t let it happen to you.

We love photography and understand how important your family’s photos are.