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Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

At Share My Photographs we are known for being able to scan and digitize just about anything – We convert old movies to digital, digitize slides, scan printed photos, album pages, office documents, personal possessions, negatives, etc.

However, one area in particular that has really taken off lately within the Vancouver market is scanning art work for customers. There are several reasons clients may want digital copies of paintings, existing photographs, wall murals etc. They may want them scanned for insurance purposes, or printing large copies to share with other locations they own, or sending to people. Sometimes people may have a precious print in a frame, that has been there for years and they fear damage if they try to extract it for flatbed scanning, or it may simply be too large to scan on traditional equipment.

Whatever the reasons we at Share My Photographs are highly capable of digitizing your art work within Greater Vancouver.

So, what is the process for scanning large objects that aren’t able to be digitized with the traditional methods?

Well, it all depends on the size and the end use purpose of the digital copy. If it is simply to share electronically with someone anywhere worldwide, or stored for insurance purposes, we can scan at a lower resolution and save the client money.

Also, if it is a smaller size then it may fit on one of our flatbed, or high speed photo scanners.

For oversized objects we utilize our high end digital SLR camera with top quality lenses.

One thing that separates Share My Photographs apart from the competition is that we are Professional Photographers and therefore understand exactly how to light and capture these pieces for a perfect replication of the original.

This professional photography experience also benefits our clients immensely when it comes to post processing the digitally captured file, as we have extensive Photoshop experience and are therefore able to correct any issues with the original and ensure colours etc. are an exact match.

So, what happens once the Artwork, or object is scanned and digitized? Well, that is up to you. We offer various services including framing of your new image and Canvas wraps. We can also supply digital photo frames, high quality photo books and images on various objects.

Basically if it’s available we can supply.

Price is dependant on method used and end use quality, as well as sizes and how you would like the image presented.

Unlike our competitors, one of the things than make Share My Photographs unique is that we can come to you and scan your Artwork in place.

Our pricing is very competitive within the industry and we always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Contact us today at 604-518-9179, or and our no pressure staff would be happy to answer any questions and provide a quotation.