Bulk Photo Scanning party

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Today we write to you in relation to a new party theme that is merging within Canada and it originated from our customers. We believe it to be an excellent idea and so thought we would share for all to enjoy and try.

We have always advised customers to rent our photo scanners for 7 days. Even though we rent for 1 day in Vancouver and 3, or 7 days for the rest of Canada. We advise 7 as it works out cheaper per day and if you can get a friend, or 2 and share the costs, then everyone can scan their documents and photos.

Therefore, 7 day rentals have always been our most popular option and the majority of the time it is more than one person using the equipment – Our high speed photo scanners can scan up to 80 images every minute, so with the average household having approximately 3000 images, the original renter gets to digitize all their images and office documents within 2-3 days and someone else uses for the remaining period.

Well, a couple of people told us that they took this a step further and asked a bunch of friends to gather their top 500 photos and they would all get together, open some wine and have a scanning party. One lady said she used to do this with her scrapbooking friends, so she thought why not offer a bulk photo scanning service party.

What a great idea! This way you can rent the scanner for 3, or 7 days, scan all your stuff in the first few days and host the photo scanning party over 1, or 2 days and have everyone bring a selection of their most prized photographs and digitize them there and then. Charge everyone maybe $75 each and they get a great deal and are able to bulk photo scan for pennies per image and the money you collect pays for all the scanner rental and party supplies.

The easiest method is to ask everyone to bring a memory stick and our user friendly software will save directly to that. No images are stored on the computer, so privacy needn’t be a concern either.

We ship our photo scanners Canada wide and they are delivered in a secure case, with everything that is required, including an easy to follow step by step, colour coded manual, all the cables, touchscreen laptop and scanner. Is all you have to add is the operator 

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