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Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

scanning office documents

How do you currently manage all those thousands of client and general office documents we all collect in business?

If it’s like most companies, you probably have file cabinets full of folders, sorted alphabetically, or whatever method the first secretary you hired decided to implement.

You probably get comments like “Why can I never find the file I need”?. Or, “This system makes no sense, shouldn’t Mr John Smith be filed under S and not J?”

You get the point we all have issues with our paper filing systems, unless it was set up by someone who was highly trained, somewhat anal in their approach, logical and could read everyones minds.

So, what do we currently do?

Well, for most companies they get their most junior person to spend the best part of a day, going through everything and trying to locate that one important file from 5 years ago that now needs our immediate attention, yesterday.

Then we somehow have to get it digitized and sent to our legal department half way across the globe who need it within the hour.

Sound familiar?

Well you are not alone – At Share My Photographs we hear stories like this all the time and they are normally followed up with comments like “I told my boss years ago we should start digitizing these documents. Then we could find and share instantaneously”.

We had this exact conversation with a large wellness centre just this week – They obviously have many thousands of client files that by law have to be kept for 10 years. They have so many files that they also rent a storage locker that houses hundreds of boxes that they can no longer store due to already having an on-site storage room that is so crammed that you could not swing a cat, or find anything easily without moving everything out in to the patient waiting area. They also had a major concern about fire as one of the adjacent offices in their complex had a small fire recently.

They called us asking about their possible options and were concerned that it would take a temporary hire 12 month or more to scan and refile their collection.

That were relieved when we explained although we started life as a photo scanning business, we quickly learned of the need for an extremely fast, turnkey document scanning service and we have rented out our scanners to many companies in need of such a service.

At Share My Photographs we have scanners that can digitize documents and photos at up to 80 pages per minute!

That is way faster than many people can physically work and means you can now digitize those documents in a small fraction of the time it would have taken previously. Generally we see around 2-3000 documents scanned per hour.

So, what does this turnkey system look like?

We at Share My photographs have worked very hard behind the scenes to source professional equipment that not only can provide great photographic results, but can also scan in to many formats. We then went a step further and had proprietary software designed that basically allow any user to use with no prior experience.

The software guides you through the whole process and allows you to choose the format you would like to save to, including word, JPEG, searchable PDF etc and you can keyword each document before you save. You also have the ability to scan 1, or 2 sides to a document.

When we say turnkey that’s exactly what we mean – As with our photo scanning equipment, we deliver your scanner in a Pelican case with everything that is required – You get the scanner, touchscreen computer, cables, USB stick and full step by step colour coded instruction manual.

The process really couldn’t be any simpler and we find once people rent the only comments we get back are how simple the whole process was.

If required we can also provide a set up and tuition service when we deliver the equipment within Greater Vancouver B.C.

For the rest of Canada we ship our scanning equipment by secure courier right to your door.

Hiring an ERMC (Electronic Records Management Consultant) to come in to your company and advise on best practices costs many thousands of dollars and often doesn’t even include digitizing your office documents.

We can advise on best practises for setting up your new ECM (Electronic Content Management) system and you can rent the whole package for just $480 per week!

If required we can also supply the personnel to scan the documents for you within Greater Vancouver.

The benefits once digitized are huge!

You can now instantly find any document and share worldwide within seconds.

Imagine being able to free up all that storage space too!

You can invite people to edit and share documents that would have otherwise been impossible and with our OCR (Optical Recognition Software) add on service you can now make sense of all those hand written notes and edit as required.

As stated previously, most Quality assurance systems, or governing bodies require businesses to keep records for several years and keeping paper copies is a big waste of space and at a drastic impact on the environment. What if you could reuse that paper for scrap, recycling etc.

There really is no logical reason not to digitize the majority of your office paperwork these days and the only thing that has help people back previously is the false belief that it will take too much time and resources to complete. plus, a lot of companies obviously have privacy concerns about letting a stranger have access to their confidential documents. Well now with Share My Photographs document and photo scanners, this process can be completed extremely fast, with no previous technical knowledge required, by anyone and for a ridiculously low price! As an example, let’s say you have 20,000 documents that need digitizing – Well, if you dedicate an employee to scanning for just 3 hours per day, you would be able to scan around 3,000 documents in that 3 hour period. So, in 7 days you would have scanned your whole pile at just 3 hours per day. Our 7 day rental is $480 delivered and collected. that equates to just $0.024 Cents per document!

Most people have put this off previously thinking that it is just too big of a project and would costs many thousands of dollars.

Well, now there is a much easier way, that will save your staff many hours of hard work down the line.

You have to ask yourself can you afford any longer not to scan all your office documents?

Please give us a call at 604-518-9179

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