Does the thought of losing your family history keep you awake at night?

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

For many people it does and rightly so.
What would happen if your treasured memories were somehow wiped out overnight?
Believe it, or not this happens to people on a regular basis.
There are over 550 natural disasters a year alone. Not to mention the many more disasters that happen, such as house fires, theft, damage from improper care, or old age etc.
We hear from people all the time who unfortunately have horror stories about losing all their prints and/or visual media of their families history.

Going through your family print photos and scanning them and ensuring they are then stored correctly can be a very strenuous job an take a vast amount of time with consumer equipment and this is the reason most people either don’t attempt, or start and quickly give in.
Some, then think “never mind, we will simply pass the boxes of images on to our children”
Well, the sad news is, most children do not want to inherit thousands of print photographs, slides, video tapes and documents.
When they do inherit, we generally find 1, of 3 thing happen.

1) They truly care and understand the importance of this family heritage and contact a professional photo organizer to help digitize the images.
2) They are completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do with this collection and for now at least, it ends up in storage.
3) They feel that no one will really care about this past history and unfortunately it ends up in the trash and sadly this happen more than you would think, especially when people are grieving and have the rest of the family estate to deal with – All that history gone forever.

Well, there is an easier way to ensure your family legacy remains intact.
Wouldn’t it be much better to simply hand each child a thumb drive that is thoroughly organized and easily searchable?

At Share My Photographs we have devised a high speed (up to 80 images every minute) photo scanning service. We can help you in the comfort of your own home, scan locally at our facility, or you can rent our easy to use photo and document scanning system.
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