What DPI do you scan at?

We scan at 600dpi. Most of our competition will scan at 300DPI and charge you extra for a 600DPI scan. Always read the fine print for the budget services – Many things we include are charged as extras by others. We also have options to scan and save as a TIFF file for true archival quality.


What size can I print at?

600DPI will generally get you 2X the original print size, if printed at the recommended 300DPI. Printers generally print best at around 300DPI. But, if you scan at 300DPI this means if you wanted to print at double the size, it would only then print at 150DPI. This is why we scan at 600DPI. The math can get a little confusing. For all you information junkies, here is a detailed explanation – http://www.scantips.com/basics3c.html


Why is your cost more than the fill a shoebox services?

Basically, these are two completely separate services. Most companies are focused on a low quality mass production business. If privacy, quality, guaranteed service, quick turn around times etc., isn’t a concern, then they may be right for you.

Most of our customers wouldn’t dream of using such a service. A lot of these mass scanning houses actually outsource the work oversees to 3rd world countries and hence, the 6-10 week turn around time. Many shipments arrive completely mixed up (important if you spend time organizing), photos missing, damaged items etc., and of course if privacy is a concern, this can not be controlled. We encourage customers to look at the reviews for some of these companies before proceeding.

We would be happy to discuss how our services differ in detail.


What are your turn around times?

Locally, within greater Vancouver, BC, it is generally 7-10 days and we are always willing to help customers in need of a faster turn around. For the rest of Canada, you can add a couple of days for postage.


How does the in-home organizing service work?

It is very unique – One of our fully insured, background checked technicians will first consult with you and determine exactly what you require from this project. They will then meet with you on a regular basis and do as much, or as little of the work with you as required. If you prefer to be involved, they will work with you and if you are too busy, they can do most of the work for you. We will assist you every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly as possible.


How does the scanner rental work?

For the DIY customer, we have options to rent our commercial equipment. Scanner, Laptop, software and all required equipment are delivered completely cleaned and ready to scan. Full instructions are supplied and there is options to have an in home demonstration too. We can deliver and collect rented photo scanners in Vancouver and will ship scanners Canada wide too.


If I rent a scanner, can I have you post, process and sort the images?

Absolutely, as stated, we are here to help with as much, or as little of the work as required.


Is there size limits for the scanner?

There is no limit (generally) to what we can digitize size wise. However very small older images less than 2×3″ often will not pass through the high speed scanner and therefore require flatbed scanning. There is a slightly higher cost for flatbed scanning due to extra process and time involved. Same goes for extra large images and non-standard difficult to scan photos and visual media – They may require flatbed, or other forms of digitizing. Please inquire if you have anything non standard.


Do you digitize slides, negatives, video etc?

Absolutely! Please inquire for pricing based on volume.