How great would a paperless office be?

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

At Share My Photographs we not only specialize in scanning peoples important family photos and digitizing their visual media.
We also have a second side to our scanning service in Greater Vancouver and that is in regards to working with small and large businesses and assisting them with having a virtually paperless operation. Think about all the personal papers we have to keep in everyday life and then think about all the papers necessary for a business to keep. Some of these documents must be kept for auditing reasons etc and therefore over several years businesses accumulate many many thousands of documents and these are often stored in lock up units, or take up valuable space within an operation.
So, then what happens when you need a particular document? Well, unless you have a very well managed document storage system in place (which 80% of the businesses we encounter don’t) you have to go through all those boxes and try and locate the correct one and then spend time locating that exact document.
Then in this digital age, chances are someone wants to see that document, but they are in another city, or country and want it now. So, you have to scan the document and send.
What if that document was hand written and not very legible, or you now need to make amendments?
This is all assuming the document hasn’t been damaged in some form by rodents, water etc.

This isn’t an unusual scenario and something that often occurs many times in a day at certain businesses.
Well, apart from a very small percentage of documents that require the original proof, you can get rid of the vast majority of this old paper system!
We at Share My Photographs, have a trained team of Electronic Document Management Technicians, who are specialized in consulting with businesses and putting in place systems that will greatly simplify your operation.

Imagine the above scenario, but now you have an EDM system in place – Now locating that particular document takes seconds – A simple search on the computer and you will have an editable format document that can be shared with anyone worldwide in seconds.
A well implemented EDM system incorporates precisely worded folders with important key-worded documents that align with an easy to follow system for finding any past document almost instantaneously. We have specialized OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that can easily convert hand written files in to electronic editable documents. We also have options to proof read these documents to ensure no errors exist.
Imagine the space and time that could be freed by having such a system in place.
Your documents will be completely safe with incorporated back-up systems and the fear of losing this important history to a fire, or other disaster will now be eliminated.

To have a current employee be trained in EDM and try to then implement and manage a system like this without real world experience would be a full time job initially and could prove very expensive in the long run.

Dependant on your operation, it could prove worthwhile to have a dedicated EDM specialist on staff.
Why not schedule a no pressure appointment with us today and we would be happy to discuss the possible options that best suit your company.
Only have a very small operation? No problem, we can work with you too and we also rent document scanning equipment Canada wide.