How To Scan Old Photographs

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

DIY photo scanning
How you scan your own photographs at home.

How to scan old photos

So, you have a vast collection of old print photographs that you would like to digitize? But, where do you start?

For most people this is going to be with a flatbed photo scanner. Photo scanner is the keyword here and a normal document scanner won’t give the same results, as they don’t contain the same bit depth or resolution that is ideal when scanning pictures. Also, photo scanners tend to come bundled with software to help improve your outputted images. In addition a document scanner will not work at all if you want to convert your old negatives or slides to digital files.

So, what can you expect to spend on a photo scanner? This all depends on your needs and desired output quality. You can get a budget low resolution photo scanner for around $150 and pay upwards of $1,000 for a quality unit like the Epson V850. However, for most people’s purposes, something like an Epson V600 will produce a good quality result and these can be had for under $300 and come bundled with consumer grade software to help.

So, now you have your shiny new scanner what now?

This is where you need to put on a very large teapot and get down to some serious manual and internet reading 

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