Photo restoration services and image enhancements

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Photo restoration services and image enhancements service

Hopefully this blog entry will help people better understand what services are included when we scan your photographs at our Vancouver scanning studio, or in your home.

First, it may help to understand the main difference between our personalized service and one of the several mass photo scanning services offered elsewhere. Some of these services offer scans at as low as $0.8 cents per scan. However, this price is often very deceiving and not what the customer ends up paying.
For one this price (if you can dig deep enough to find the fine print) is for out of country scans – What does this mean? Well your precious family memories are shipped to a third world country for processing and handled with many other millions of photographs sent worldwide by other mass scanning services, that are actually just a middle man for these third world scanning factories. So, privacy is a big concern here, not to mention missing and damaged images, images not scanned in order presented, not every image scanned, 10 week turnaround times etc etc. Please read some of the reviews for the budget services and decide for yourself on this before committing to their basic service. Some of these companies do offer an in-house service as well and the price is a lot higher for this. However, the quality isn’t always high. If you phone the biggest Canadian company they will tell you it is a very basic scan that is offered for web viewing and social media sharing and not print quality. Some will offer print quality, but then again you are in to an even higher price bracket, that is far away from the advertised $0.8C/scan.
So what about their claims to enhance all your images and bring them back to their original state? Well, unfortunately this for the most part is done by an in-process generic computer algorithm and as there are many different variables from picture to picture, it is very much a hit and miss process – Some images will look better, but others will look far worse unfortunately.
If you have a badly damaged old photograph and need this image restoring, most of the budget scan houses wont process, or again, it is outsourced to another party – And where do they find someone willing do do very cheap so they can make decent profit? You guessed it – the image is often shipped to a third world restoration company, but the high price doesn’t hint at this.

We urge you to make some calls and verify this information, as it was one of the main reasons Share My Photographs was born, as we wanted to help our photography clients with print scanning, but struggled to find a quality scanning service in Canada.

So, what do Share My photographs do differently?
Glad you asked 

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