Scanning old wedding photos

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

How to Take Proper Care of your Old Wedding Photos?

As we are all aware, the wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. However, after some period of time, the memories start fading and it is the wedding photos that ensure that they are kept safe. However, photographs tend to lose their quality over time because they are printed on paper and no matter how special it is it cannot resistance the influence of time and atmospheric influences. The more you view these photos the faster they will deteriorate. Of course, you can’t just store them somewhere and view them only once in a while. A good photo album and correct storage conditions can extend the life of all your photos.

It is worth mentioning that time is not the only factor that can lead to damages in wedding photos. For instance, accumulation of dirt and dust or exposure to sun can significantly affect the appearance of these photos. These problems can alter the colours in the photo and make them fade. In addition, it is not unusual to encounter photos with scratched surface and worn and torn images. In other words, protection of these valuable photos can be a difficult and daunting task and people who have digital wedding photos are probably not aware of this fact. For many people, the photo album is the sole copy of wedding photos they have.

Photo scanning

Photo scanning has proven to be the most convenient and simplest way to preserve your wedding photos. With the help of this activity you can store the photos on a hard drive on your PC or laptop. In addition, you can use these copies of scanned photographs to create a brand new photo album or some other similar photo items. People today can even create custom photo albums that include covers with their best photos or a collage of photos.

Using the help of professional photo services

The good news is that there are many professional photo services that can help you with this task. There are dozens of scanning services in every major city. Of course, not all of these services provide the same quality, so you should do some research before you decide to use the services of some of them. For instance, if you live in Vancouver, Canada, you should definitely check Share My Photographs service. This is not a simple photo scanning service because it also provides photo scanner rentals. In this way you don’t have to send your photos to the service. You can just rent a photo scanner and once the scanner is shipped you can use it to scan your valuable wedding photos. Since these service providers are professional they can also help you edit and organize your photos. They can easily remove certain blemishes or minor damages and improve the overall appearance of all photos. People who want to enhance the look of their photos will be glad to hear that this is a fast and cost affordable activity. Even if you decide to send your photos to them, they will guarantee that the photos will be returned in the same condition after they are scanned.

Creating photo montages

Another popular option for people who want to revive their old wedding photos is the creation of photo montages. With the help of the aforementioned professionals it will be easy to pick the photos that present the wedding in the best way and create a collage based on these photos. You can later use these collages to print them on canvas prints or other types of materials.

Other activities

With service providers like Share My Photograph you will also be able to get help for creating slides and organizing photos. As we have already said they can also help you with photo restoration which is something quite useful for those who have wedding photos that are more than 3 or 4 decades old. The scanner rental we have mentioned before is very fast and easy to use. This is an interesting DIY approach that won’t cost you much.

It is also a wise idea to opt for custom-made photo books that have a special custom-made front cover. In addition, you can also choose to print the photos directly on the pages inside the photo book.

Wedding photo scanning is a great method of updating your old and existing wedding photos. You can always rely on the professional services of Share My Photograph in order to finish this task quickly and without any hassles.