DIY photo scanner rental services

DIY Scanning Services
DIY Scanning Services

Recently we have teamed up with the number 1 re-distributor of professional grade photo scanning equipment and have devised a simple to use system that can be operated by anyone, young, or old, in the comfort of their own home. This isn’t an easy system to replicate and the equipment alone has a $4,500 value and is able to scan at multiple quality/formats and up to 80 images every minute (dependant on scanner rented).

So, how does this do it yourself scanning system work?

Share My Photographs is a Vancouver, B.C based business, but we ship photo scanners throughout Canada. First, decide how many photographs you have and hours available per day to scan. This will help in determining the best rental package for you.

In greater Vancouver we rent our photo and document scanners on 1, 3 & 7 day rental periods. For the rest of Canada, we rent on 3 & 7 day rentals, due to shipping and return times it isn’t feasible to rent for just 1 day.

Once you decide on the rental period, we have you fill out a rental form and will discuss with you the best dates to receive the equipment. The equipment is delivered via secure courier and is fully cleaned and ready to use. The equipment comes with full instructions on how to use and is designed to be a very simple operation. Everything that is required to scan your images is included in the package including a touch screen laptop P.C. However, if you are at all intimidated by electronic equipment and computers, we do have a 1 hour consultation package that can be purchased and this will walk you through the process step by step and offers tips on organizing your photographs, filing etc. This service is available in-home, within Vancouver Lower mainland and via telephone, or Skype Canada wide.

Scanner rental FAQ’s

How long should I rent for?

The standard scanner will scan 50 images every minute maximum and our top end scanner will scan up to 80 images per minute. In reality, with organizing, breaks etc., the average person scans about 2-300 images every hour. If you have a half day free (for most people a full day is too much at once), to dedicate to this task and you have under 1500 photos, then a 1 day rental may suffice.

If, like the majority of people, there are many disruptions to your day, then we recommend renting for at least 3 days. This allows lots of time to sort and scan your images without feeling pressured. However, having said all the above – Our most popular package is the 7 day rental.

What’s the most popular rental package?

Most people will rent for the 7 day period for several reasons:

1) It takes the pressure off and allows you to scan for maybe an hour, or two per day and you are still able to scan thousands of images within the 7 days.
2) The per day costs work out to be a lot cheaper.
3) Most people will knock off their photo collection in the first few days, then they will use the machine to scan all their important paper documents and have a virtual paperless office,
where any paper document can be found within seconds.
4) People will rent for 7 days and then share the rental costs with family and friends and everyone gets their photos digitized.

How much is the rental?

1 day rental (within Vancouver only) is $150
3 day rental is $330
7 day rental is $480
Rental within greater Vancouver includes delivery and pick up.
Subsidized postage costs apply for the rest of Canada – Please inquire, as we do have various drop locations nationwide and this cost may be minimal dependant on destination.

Is it cheaper for me to simply buy a less expensive scanner?

At first glance, this may appear to be the case. However, for this type of professional equipment, you are talking several thousand dollars in outlay and if it will be redundant after the task, maybe not.

To buy a consumer grade flatbed scanner will only cost a few hundred, but you then go from scanning your thousands of images in a couple days to now taking multiple (full day) weeks to scan. The time taken to perform a scan on a flatbed is approximately 1-2 minutes per scan. Couple this with basic enhancements, key wording, saving etc., and you are looking at approximately 5 minutes to do 4, or 5 images. Do the math yourselves and you will see the vast difference in time saved by renting our equipment. This doesn’t take into account the many hours required to learn scanning best practices, using equipment correctly, etc. Also, if you have several thousand images to scan the rental only equates to pennies per scan and even less if you share the cost with others.

What’s the advantage of doing myself over sending away to one of the budget scan warehouse?

The advantages are many including:
1) Privacy concerns. a lot of the budget places send your images overseas to places like India to be scanned, hence the cheap cost.
2) Quality – For their low costs (which often still works out more than doing yourself) you only get a 300 DPI image which is okay for social media, but will produce a very poor printed image. They also use very basic labor, software and equipment.
3) Control of the process – Read the reviews on some of these companies and you will see the complaints are many, from lost images, to not being scanned in order presented etc.
4) Fear of losing everything to postage, theft etc. – Photographs are deemed as paper and therefore cannot have a value placed on them, or insured. So, if something were to happen to your shipment, what then?
By never letting your precious memories out of your sight and performing the task yourself, you can rest assured that your privacy, quality control and everything else remains intact.

Can I scan album pages etc?

Yes. We have a flatbed unit that can be rented too, and this will allow the scanning of images that won’t fit in the traditional unit – Please inquire for information.