Taking Care Of Your Print Photos

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

As you all know by now, Share My Photographs has a passion for helping people keep their family history alive for many future generations to enjoy. We do this by advising people on best practices for organizing, sorting, digitizing, archiving and storing both their print and digital photographs. Our facility is based in Vancouver, BC, but we have remote options for customers throughout Canada. We also have a photo and document scanner rental service for people to do on their own, if they desire.

The outline of this post is to help people focus on one of the first processes we see at clients’ homes and one of the last we address when we finish an organizing job with a client. These processes are the one and same – How to keep and store your print and digital photos in day-to-day life.

Most people have extremely busy lives and things like photos are often very important, but in the grand scheme of things get neglected and the compounded affect of this over months and years can lead to a fair mess that can take many hours to try and sort/organize correctly.

Often when we meet with clients, we are presented with a big box of photos that are all just dumped in there, in no particular order, with no protection and as a result a lot of these are damaged.

So, we set about going through all the images, sorting them in to relevant themes, timelines etc., then we go through and get rid of all the duplicates, bad shots etc., then we generally are left with two piles – We have our “A list” and these are our must keep images – The ones we absolutely want to scan and ensure we have a secure digital back up process in place.
The “B list” comprises of the photographs we would like to hold on to but don’t necessary need to display in some form, or scan.

Once we have these and have scanned all our A (and possibly B) photos, we then put a system in place for the organization of these images. A system that ensures their safe storage and enables the easy location of any image. For the printed images we are keeping, we store these in clearly labeled archival quality storage boxes. All boxes are labeled by a specific timeline, or event and within the boxes, there are several smaller compartments that also have clear indicators of what to find in each one. So, if we ever need a particular print photo, then it can be retrieved in seconds. We also leave our clients with a checklist to ensure all future photos follow this same protocol, so we avoid any previous issues in the future.

By having this checklist and system in place it is possible to easily assign any future images to the system in seconds.

So, what to we do then with our digital copies that we have created?

Well, we will cover the best processes for organizing your digital photos in part 2 of this blog to follow shortly.

Please remember that Share My Photographs was born out of a true passion to help people preserve their family legacy, as we heard too many sad stories of photographic and visual family memories being lost forever.

So, if you have any questions please contact us and our friendly staff would be pleased to help.

We offer in-home organizing and scanning services in Vancouver, BC, over the phone consultations (for the rest of the world), as well as off site digitizing of all visual media and we rent photo scanners throughout Canada for all the DIY people out there.

If we can’t help you with a particular task, we will be sure to sort and offer a solution.