The Importance Of Being Paranoid

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Okay, please excuse the title, as being paranoid about everything could get you a visit from the guys in white coats LOL.

So, when is it good to be over cautious?

When it comes to ensuring your precious family history is preserved for many generations to come, of course.

This all starts with making sure you are making digital copies of all your visual and audio forms of media. From print photographs, camcorder film – super 8, mini dv, VHS, betamax cassette tapes, vinyl etc. Once you have scanned, or digitized these precious family heirlooms you then need to be extra vigilant/paranoid and ensure you have several sources of back up – There is a lot of people now a days trusting their whole history to on line back up sources and consequently, there are also a lot of stories surfacing in relation to people losing their history when some of these sources fail. The isn’t just the free options that are risky. A simple google search will bring up several stories of people losing their memories to server issues, even after they pay a good monthly fee and thinking all is now secure.

We at Share My Photographs have our own servers and offer online storage and photo sharing through our website. But, we still tell all our customers to not just rely on this as their only form of back up.

We like to suggest a 3 tier approach to back ups –

1) Make sure you digitize your print collection in case of any disasters – burglary, fire, loss etc.

2) Once you have the digital copies of your images and other media. It is simple to make a second copy an keep these off site – Either in a safety deposit box, or with a trusted family member, or friend.

3) Have a form of on line back up, either through a free service like dropbox, or a service like the one we at Share My Photographs offer, where you are able to sort images, tag people, invite others to view and add content etc. This allows worldwide sharing and allows everyone to enjoy those special memories.

We have several options to get you started in scanning your prints and documents. We also have options for all your other media.

Why not consider renting a photo scanner and doing the work yourself – We have devised a very simple system that walks you through the whole process step by step. Alternatively, we can scan images for you in our Vancouver studio, or at your home.

Please call today and we would be happy to answer all your scanning and digitization questions.