Tips for organizing photos

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hello again,
whether you decide to organize your own photographs, or use Share My Photographs in-home service to assist you, you may find the following tips useful.

It will prove far less time consuming and less expensive, if you can cull your photos down to “must scans” We have a system we follow at SMP that we call the ABC’s of organizing.
Basically, you want to start sorting in to 3 separate piles – A nice long table, or space that you can close off and keep coming back to will help here.

You will divide the space in to thirds and mark each section, A, B & C.

A (Album) will be your must keep images – These are the ones that you absolutely don’t want to lose and need to scan to ensure they are preserved forever. You may use these and display in a photo book, digital, or traditional photo frame etc. This pile will be your largest and the ones you don’t display will go in to archival quality photo boxes for preservation.

Then, you will have your B (Box) pile – These are images that you would like to hold on to, but may not want to display, or necessarily digitize. These can be stored in archival photo boxes.

The last pile will be your C (Can) stack – These are images that you can either throw away, gift to someone, or at least put to one side if you feel emotionally unable to throw out at this point – This is where a certified photo organizer can be a big assist in helping you make decisions on what can be gotten rid of.
Your C images will typically be duplicates – Do we really need 5 images of the same birthday cake, poor quality images – exposure, sharpness, colour cast etc and poorly composed shots – heads cut off, objects blocking people etc.
Now one thing to note when putting images in to your C pile, is to make sure you give all the images a second viewing before throwing out, as a poor image may actually hold some very important visual information – It could be the only photo of Dad’s first car for example, or the last image of Grandma. So, be sure to double check before committing it to trash.
Most often your C pile will simply be a large trash bag. When we start working with clients we often hear people say “I don’t think we will end up with many in the C pile” Then with our help the reality is we often end up with a a full trash bag and this helps a lot with overall costs and reducing boxes of photos that will require storage space. We never pressure anyone to throw an image away, but help make logical decisions.
When we are working with clients, things go a lot quicker as we hold on to the photos and help the client make fast decisions, by telling them “we can go down memory lane once the project is complete and the purpose of this exercise is to simply put in to one of the 3 piles”.

Once all images are organized in to piles, you then need to sort in to themes, scan the images, then ensure you label digital folders accurately for easy searching in future, then store your print images in archival photo boxes that are properly labelled.

If you would like Share My Photographs to assist with your print and digital photo organizing, we can work with you as little, or as much as required. We also offer photo organization tutorial packages and rent photo scanning equipment Canada wide. Give us a call today at 604-518-9179.