What to do with scanned photos, videos and the visual media

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

What to do with scanned photos, videos and the visual media

So, you’ve finally decided to do something with your large collection of old movies – Super 8, 8mm, Mini DV etc, printed Photographs, Slides and negatives, Artwork and all printed and analog forms of visual media.

You realize that your children and others shouldn’t be left with the burden of having to digitize your collection after you have passed and they don’t want to inherit boxes and boxes of family history either.

So, what next?

Well, you can follow the traditional route and spend many hours organizing and culling your collection, then lots more painstaking hours scanning your photos on a flatbed system. You may have already started this project in the past and given up as you realize what a mammoth task it really is.

Or, you can have Share My Photographs, a local Vancouver company, assist you with the whole process, or as much as required. Share My Photographs have a lot of experience with the type of work and are Certified members of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. They also have proprietary software and high end scanners that can scan your photos at up to 80 images every minute!

With Share My Photographs help you can then digitize your whole collection in a very fast time.

We can come to your home and assist you with the process, or you can rent one of our high speed photo scanners and have it delivered to your door anywhere in Canada and collected when you are finished with the project. The whole system comes with everything required, including Touchscreen P.C, Scanner, easy to follow instructions and all necessary cables.

We spent a lot of time and money devising software that makes the process super simple for anyone to use.

So, now what do we do when we complete this project and have all our images digitized?

Well, the options are endless in regards to display possibilities and sharing.

A lot of our clients want to share these precious images with loved ones worldwide. So, we often assist them with setting up a system where they can store their images in the internet cloud and grant access for anyone to view – There are several ways of doing this, including stunning digital photo albums and storage options such as the one we have at Share My Photographs where clients can upload their images in to albums and from there they can tag people, write descriptions, grant people permission to add to albums, download etc.

In regards to presenting the best images, we work with clients and help them get the best images printed, framed and displayed. We also have options for digital photo frames, slideshows etc.

Basically if you can think it, we can help make it happen.

For the now scanned printed photos, we advise that you keep the best ones and we can help making sure they are nice and organized and stored in archival quality boxes.

All the duplicates, or poor quality images can then be gifted, or thrown away – A great way to reduce clutter.

Share My Photographs also specialize in remote photo organizing, where we can work with you on your computer, even though we are in separate locations and help you organize your whole digital photo collection and make beautiful coffee table books, or anything you desire.

We advise people every day on best practices and would be more than happy to discuss your photo organizing project in a no pressure conversation.

Share My Photographs is a Vancouver BC company and we offer local in home photo organizing as well as Canada wide photo and document scanner rental and worldwide Digital Photo Organizing.

Call us today at 604-518-9179, or email us at info@sharemyphotographs.com and we would be happy to assist.