Why it is our duty to scan photographs

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Do you have old photos of your best family moments?
Do you lay awake at night wondering what will happen to all those precious memories after you have gone?
Who will embrace this ever so important family story and pass it on so it can be enjoyed by many generations to come?
Photos are the time capsules of our lives and help us relive all those precious moments of the past.
Don’t leave it to chance that someone else will take over the task of digitizing and preserving your families timeline in this world.
It simply isn’t fair to burden loved ones with this project!
At the time of a passing, people are consumed with grief and many emotions and tasks are having to be dealt with. Through all this people make rash decisions and don’t always think straight and unfortunately there are many horror stories of things like boxes of old family photographs simply being thrown in the trash (read the story on our stories page – https://www.sharemyphotographs.com/stories/), when people discover them during estate clearances. Can you imagine that? All those precious moments that were captured by the camera goes in an instant. Future generations never being able to glimpse in to their own family legacy and see where they came from and share the stories with their children and grandchildren.
You owe it to your children and generations to come, to preserve this history now!

Many people realize the importance of this, but unfortunately always put this project on the someday list – Well folks, as the great Credence Clearwater Revival sang “someday never comes”
We at Share My Photographs have heard many stories of a life’s worth of visual history being thrown out, because unfortunately someone got sick rather quickly and never got around to sorting this project

It is understandable for people to delay this as they often have no idea where to start, or how to go about it and some people do start but, simply get overwhelmed once they realize the true scope of what’s involved and the time it will take. So, they give up shortly after starting.
Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Now there is an easier way and a painless solution.
The old way involved hundreds of hours dedicated to sorting and slowly scanning images on a flatbed system. Also the learning curve related to the technical aspects was large.

Share My Photographs is a company that was formed out of a true need to help people we saw struggling with the above issues. We literally had witnessed several of our former photography clients in tears at trying to come up with a workable solution to preserving their families history.
So, we set about working on a solution to help them.
Well, many months of very hard work later we devised a very simple, extremely high speed and superior quality system that can scan your photos at up to 80 images every minute! On top of this we have in-home services where we will stand by you and help all the way. We can do as much or as little of the work as required.
We also rent our scanning equipment for anyone who wished to do this project in their own and offer in home tutorials for best organizing practices and equipment use.

Now there is simply no excuse not to digitize all your family history, now!
We can help with all forms of visual media from old negatives, photos, movie tapes, works of art etc etc.
We have options available to suit every budget too.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hand loved ones a Photo history book of their heritage, complete with interviews from family elders and stories of the many important images?
What about an unique digital photo frame that tells a story of your child’s life from birth, to the current day?
This is just a couple of options you have for end display results, once you have digitized all your analogue material.
If you could hand several people a tiny memory stick instead of several large boxes of photos, you can be assured that your families story will remain intact and bring joy to many people for ever and there will be no worry of them ever being ruined by the affects of time, or some form of disaster. On top of this, once you have scanned all your photos, they can then be shared instantly with anyone worldwide!

So, call us today at 604-518-9179, or email at info@sharemyphotograhs.com and our no pressure, helpful staff will be pleased to answer any questions.