Why we must scan our photos – Now!

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Why We Must Scan Our Photos – Now

Chances are you have a stack of old family albums lying somewhere and collecting dust. It happens very often that these photos either get lost in the moving process, or they get damaged and even destroyed over the course of years.

Time takes its toll, and next thing you know your childhood photo albums are gone for good.

But luckily, digital age technology has changed the way in which photos are taken and stored. Use this to your advantage – if you haven’t already. It’s high time you got with the times and scanned your photos! Choose the best scanning service in Canada – Share My Photographs and back up your photos! Bring your memories back to life.

Let’s see why you shouldn’t delay this process any further:

Preserve the memories for the generations to come 

Today we have the unique opportunity to preserve our memories for good – something out ancestors could only dream of. Old photos are more than just photos – they are pieces of our history. Your kids’ photos, your parents’ and grandparents’, or even the black and white photos of your great-grandmother and great-grandfather back in the day… They are all part of your history. Those precious memories trapped in the moment in history than will never be repeated. Losing a dear old photo is like losing a part of you that you’ll never be able to recover.

Susceptible to physical damage and natural disaster

Time isn’t the only enemy of old photo albums. Every single year millions of photos are destroyed because of natural disaster like floods, and fires. In BC last year alone there were some pretty bad forest fires and even earthquake tremors. This raises serious concerns about the safety of your personal items, including your old photos. That’s why scanning your photos is a must if you want to preserve your dearest memories.


Aside from keeping them at safe, scanning your old photos has another added benefit. Once you have them all scanned and digitized you can access your photos anywhere! They will be with you all the time wherever you may go, and you won’t even notice it. You can have them stored online or on your computer, and you can even share some of them on your social media accounts.

One moment you have them, the other they’re gone! Scan your old photos until it’s too late! For all the DIY photo scanners out there, the thought of having to scan thousands of photos can be daunting! That’s why we are here to help you out! We will speed up this process and help you preserve your dearest memories. How? At Share My Photographs we also rent high speed photo and document scanners, that are delivered right to your door complete with everything required to scan – Touchscreen P.C, high speed scanner, plus all the cables and easy to follow colour coded instructions.

It really couldn’t be any easier to digitize your family photos, slides, movie films and negatives. You now have three easy options – Rent a scanner and Do It Yourself, have us scan for you in our scanning studio in Vancouver BC, Or Have one of our Technicians come to your home and fully assist you with the whole process.

Contact s today at info@sharemyphotographs.com Or, call us at 604-518-9179

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