Why you should scan your photos, now!

Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Digitising Photos: Preserving Memories through Pictures

In today’s time, different technologies have changed the way by which pictures are taken, and more importantly, how they can be preserved. If you still have photos in printed formats at home, you have to be worried about how technology is overtaking the traditional, mostly for the better. In this case, you might want to consider digitisation. In this case, your printed photos will be scanned and they will be made in a digital or electronic format, making them accessible in your computers or online. This is a modern take in preserving photos, and perhaps a better way to ensure longevity of memories.

Why It Is Important

Among other things, digitising your photo collection is important in order to have them preserved. Traditional photos in printed formats are easily subjected to wear and tear. When they get wet, for instance, it can result into deterioration of the photo. When your house is struck by a fire, the photos can be burned, and hence, you will never have the chance to see it again. With digitisation, on the other hand, you can access theme electronically, and hence, memories are preserved. You can have these photos printed anytime you wish.

More so, digitisation is also important because of accessibility. It can be viewed by more than one user at once. Just upload it on social media and it can already be viewed by family or your friends. This is contrary to a traditional photo displayed at home, which can only be seen by guests who are physically present.

Being more organised is another benefit of digitising photos. Imagine if you have thousands of photos at home. They will result into clutter. More so, it will be hard for you to find a picture from a specific event, such as Christmas five years ago. On the other hand, digitisation offers the possibility of having photos organised in different folders, making it easy to have them sorted. You can easily search for any photo, even if it has been taken years ago.

How to have your Photos Digitised

You do not have to be burdened with the digitising process. Rather than doing it on your own, hire the services of experts. They have competent people and state-of-the-art technology for scanning photos and having them available in a digital format.

If you are from Vancouver, Share My Photographs is going to be an option that you will not regret. With knowledgeable staff and modern technology, Share My Photographs can easily digitise large amounts of photo. At a price that you will surely find to be reasonable, you can expect superior service and your expectations will surely be surpassed.

If you are elsewhere in Canada, you have the option of renting a high speed scanning unit from Share My photographs and scanning your images at up to 50 per minute.